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Pregnancy Miracle

Fertility eBook Rating (1.5/5)

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Pregnancy Miracle is written by Lisa Olson, who is a nutritionist and has suffered fertility issues herself. This prompted her to read around various subjects including Chinese medicine and develop a system which helped her to get pregnant.Pregnancy miracle Pregnancy Miracle

The eBook makes many claims and success stories which can be found repeated over and over again throughout the internet. In this review I’m going to stick to the eBook itself and not the biased affiliate heavy marketing behind it.

The eBook itself is quite large at 279 pages and does contain a lot of information regarding many aspects of fertility and pregnancy. Unfortunately a lot of this information is not useful such as herbs and acupuncture points that are of no interest to someone trying to help themselves. If they wanted to go and see a professional then it would be their opinion that they would be paying for and not the generalised views of a layman.

As far as useful content goes, if you can pick through the eBook you may find some useful bits of advice. I have been informed however that some of this was ‘borrowed’ from another eBook reviewed on this site (I’m not saying which). This could be true as I noticed that some of the ‘bonus’ eBooks were free downloads elsewhere online. This is unfortunate and worrying that information may not even be from Lisa’s personal experience. In fact various discussion boards have brought up the question whether Lisa even exists.

If you are not put off by the hugely biased ‘reviews’, you may find a few tips which could help you to get pregnant, however this information can be commonly found in much better eBooks on the market.

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